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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 863 / 2950914
+7 863 / 2950914

B. Sadovaya Street 126,
344006 Rostov-on-Don

Starocherkasskaya is well known as a Cossack capital and Napoleonic War hero Matvei Platov’s birthplace. It was often called the Don Venice by the local inhabitants and people from the other parts of Russia. There is no place connected to Cossack history in the South Russia, which would be as interesting as Starocherkasskaya. The main square (maidan) used to be the Cossack Circle venue, the supreme authority of the Cossack autonomy.

The tourists will also have a chance to visit the Don’s first stone cathedral. Host Resurrection Cathedral is considered one of Starocherkasskaya’s main points of interest. You can still see its original hip-roofed bell tower and 18th century 5-row wooden iconostasis.

Additional services in stanitsa includes participation in the Cossack initiation ceremony with gaining a diploma, Cossack sheepskin hat (papakha) and a whip; Starocherkasskaya’s folk music group.