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+7 863 / 2950914

B. Sadovaya Street 126,
344006 Rostov-on-Don

Free-hearted Don land

Feel the atmosphere of Cossacks’ liberty, their generosity and hospitality, with a reach program which starts in Rostov-on-Don. Start your acquaintance with the 'Gate of the Caucasus' during the city tour 'Adventurers of the Old Rostov', heroes of which are 'Gentlemen of Fortune', sleuths, noble but ordinary people, initiators of dangerous expeditions, those who search for adventures – they will immerse you into the atmosphere of the 'Southern capital', Rostov. Your trip will continue in Starocherkasskaya – which keeps the rich Don Cossacks’ history, and then will bring you to the most ancient city on the Don land – Azov. Your adventure trip will be finished with a city walk in Rostov, during it you will not only visit the legendary Old Bazaar, but also you will learn the gastronomic preferences of the people of South Russia.

Free spirit of the modern Don land

Feel the spirits of the free-hearted Don land, walking through the colorful streets and lanes of the Cossack pearl Starocherkasskaya, which keeps the history of the Don Cossacks, and visit folk festival, which hosts the best singers and dancers in South Russia. Nut before, start your tour in Azov, where the ramparts are preserved, made by the decree of the famous Russian czar, Peter I the Great at the beginning of the 18th century, from where you can enjoy the fabulous panoramic view of the Don river. And then plunge into the world of football during the tour Golden ball of Rostov, and you’ll see an old stadium where the regional football appeared, and the Rostov Arena which hosted the World Football Cup, and you’ll finish with a true dinner of a real football player. And of course, take a stroll through the Old Bazaar of Rostov, with its originality and incomparable coloring.

Don land vine

The Don land if famous not only by its hospitality and generosity, but also by wine-making.
You will have a unique chance to participate in the fest of viticulture and wine-making, which takes place in Pukhlyakovski. You will taste the best wines of the Don land, and take a present - a bottle of amazing wine filled with the southern sun. Within a three-day program, you will visit Azov, the most ancient city of the Don land, you will feel the history of the merchant city of Rostov-on-Don, during the tour Origins of the city, you will enjoy the extraordinary tasty local cuisine and you will taste the local snacks, which the Don Cossacks regaled their guests.

On the routes of the Cossacks’ exploits

On the routes of the Cossacks’ exploits
The Azov siege in 1641 is one of the most popular festivals during a tourist season in the Rostov region, and you will have a unique chance to take part in the reconstruction of this heroic event at the Don land. Moreover, the Cossacks’ pearl Strocherkasskaya will open the pages of history for you, and you will visit the Ataman’s Palace, Maydan square with its Cossaks’ trophies and Ataman’s courtyard there. In Rostov-on-Don you will feel the atmosphere of adventurism and adventures, during the tour 'Adventurers of the Old Rostov', and you will taste the Don land delicacies during the walk at the famous Old Bazaar.

Defense of Taganrog

Taganrog is multifaceted diamond in the rim of the Don land. In this charming provincial city toy will discover some entire quarters of the historically significant architectural monuments of the times of merchants, the house of the famous writer and playwright Anton Chekhov, and a lot of other places of interest connected with the life and activities of outstanding historic persons.
Every year, they hold the festival Defense of Taganrog 1885, which surprises the guests of the city by its spectacular reality. And your trip will start with the visit to the Cossaks’ pearl Starocherkasskaya and a tour of the South Russia capital Rostov-on-Don. Start your guided tour of adventures in the legendary old quarters of Bogatyanovka, over the fashionable Bolshaya Sadovaya street and cozy Pushkinskaya street. At the evening, you will learn the glorious history of he Don Cossacks at the their cultural center Don Cossacks’ Guard, and you will enjoy local-style coffee with traditional snacks.

Three centuries of the Rostov cuisine

Taste the local history of cuisine! Start your exploring the hospitable and generous land wit a trip to Azov, which keeps its genuine cozy streets and architecture. Then move to the historic quarters of Rostov-on-Don, walk across the famous Old Bazaar, and taste some traditional local snacks: slice of fat melting in the mouth, tiny cucumbers with honey, which will charm you with its unique taste, and of course, fragrant seasonal southern fruits and vegetables.
But the most impressive gastronomic pleasure awaits you at Loga Park – amazing locality, charming by its dimensions and fabulous beauty. Here, at Teterev restaurant, you can enjoy real gastronomic delicacies: local fish soup 'Ukha', cooked on the fire with some smoke, Draniki pancakes of beans and home-made sour cream, carp fish fried with some onions and chopped greens, spicy barrel-kept mushrooms, and a lot of others.

Sholokhov spring

Colorful, enchanting, sound, unforgettable – so are synonyms of the biggest festival of the Don land – Sholokhov spring, in Vyoshenskaya. And you can enjoy it together with us!
You can attend a colorful fair, performances by the best singers and dancers, sports competitions, and a chance to relax outside the cities on the bank of the 'Father Don', grand gala concert on the main stage and astonishingly beautiful fireworks. And meanwhile the performers prepare the meting of the guests, see the most popular places connected with the Cossacks’ history – Ataman’s Palace and Maydan square in Starocherkasskaya, walk in the legendary old quarters of Bogatyanovka, over the fashionable Bolshaya Sadovaya street and cozy Pushkinskaya street of Rostov-on-Don.

Many-faceted Don land

You can not describe your Don land in one word, it is so versatile. You will get persuaded in it, visiting three localities of the Rostov region with us, so different from each other, but congenial at the same time. Cossack pearl Starocherkasskaya as visiting card of the Don Cossacks, it is genuine, generous, original and hospitable. Rostov-on-Don as well-to-do merchant: rich, soulful, hospitable and cordial. And Taganrog – city of theater fans, Chekhov’s stories adorers, a city with a spirit of specific sea adventures, keeping the glorious history of the Russian navy.

Golden Ring of Bosporan Kingdom

Now, you do not need to go to Greece to touch the history of great ancient civilization – it is close to you here!
We invite you to trace back the millennia of history and ancient culture visiting many places in Krasnodar region, Crimea and Rostov region, her the Bosporan Kingdom used to prosper. Within this unique tour, you will reveal many surprising events and secrets. You will visit more than 30 tourist sites, and attend museum with utmost interesting displayed objects, you will find yourself at the Colosseum Arena, you will feel the spirit of ancient Chersonesus, you will be inside the majestic and mysterious Tsarsky Kurgan, you will touch the treasures of the Bosporan Kingdom in the golden Show-Room, and a lot of others.
This trip will be a real discovery for you and your impressions taken home, will leave a pleasant after-taste, revoking your wish for some new trips!