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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 863 / 2950914
+7 863 / 2950914

B. Sadovaya Street 126,
344006 Rostov-on-Don

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We as your Lufthansa City Center travel agency are connected to a global crisis management, which will be updated on a minute-by-minute basis. We will give you the most important information and links on this page in order to ensure that you can plan your next holidays safely. Our staff will support you with all questions you might have referring to safety while travelling. Please make use of our up-to-date knowledge for your next travel planning.

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04.12.2019 Amadeus Partners Event 2019 in Skolkovo Innovation Center

International Conference Amadeus Partners Event 2019 took place in Skolkovo Innovation Center on the 4th of December for a second time. More than 350 representatives from Russia and 20 countries of the world took part in it. Reina-Tour LСС was кузкуыутеув by Svetlana Pyzhenko and Natalia Sadovnichya.
The key topics of the development in travel industry were brought for consideration in the panel discussion form. The future of the service and travel industry, the transformation strategies and the new acquisition channels were discussed with colleagues.
We are pleased to note that close collaboration for higher results, mutual development and co-operation in rapid changing environment of travel industry is one of the main priorities of Amadeus as well as Reina-Tour.
The partners` solutions tradeshow of the modern technologies in travel industry and related sectors was also held during all day long in Skolkovo.

7-10.11.2019 LCC General Assembly in Montenegro

The representatives of the Lufthansa City Center agencies met on the Adriatic Coast of Montenegro in Budva to take part in LCC General Assembly from 7th to 10th of November.
Lufthansa City Center grows and develops constantly since its foundation in 1991. Providing the variety of solutions for travel arrangements LCC focuses on the individual, VIP and business client services. All the agencies of the network are joined by the individual approach, innovative methods and progressive practices of doing business, competence and work experience.
The points of the global collaboration and partnership, modern technologies and world tendencies of the travel industry were discussed at the meeting.

4-6.11.2019 International Travel Trade Show – WTM London

International Travel Trade Show WTM in London from 4th to 6th of November became a magnet for the leading travel destinations and brands.
Reina-Tour with support of the Department of Economics of Rostov-on-Don also took part in the exhibition at the stand of Russia.
Vera Nechepaeva and Marina Kostenko dressed as Don Cossack women talked about the touristic attraction of the city and the region, offered package tours and, of course, treated the visitors of the stand with local delicacies – lard (salo), pickles with honey, sunflower seeds and the Don wine.
WTM is a complete immersion in the world of tourism, the absence of borders, a lively communication experience, novel ideas and technologies. During in-person meetings, we found new partners not only among foreign companies, but also Russian colleagues from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, and even took part in the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement between representatives of the authorities of Rostov-on-Don and Kazan.
We proved that our region is interesting to the whole world for its history, culture and identity!

19.09.2019 LCC Advisory Board Meeting in Vienna

LCC Advisory Board Meeting was held in Vienna. Company group Reina-Tour was represented by Vera Nechepaeva. She is a member of the Advisory Council in the Eastern Europe region for 2018-2020. The Advisory Board is elected by LCC network members from around the world. It consists of 12 people, each representing its own region and supporting and protecting the interests of LCC members.

31.05.2019 MICE DAY on the Don

Reina-Tour became a partner of MICE DAY which was held in Rostov-on-Don at Don Plaza Congress Hotel.
Our city was visited by representatives of the MICE industry from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg.

The event was attended by 26 speakers, 25 corporate customers, 15 agencies and more than 30 exhibitors of the workshop. Experts discussed the urgent problems of the industry in business discussions and got acquainted with the regional capabilities for conducting business events.

Tatiana Vladimirovna Nechepaeva shared with her colleagues practical knowledge on an incentive about industry trends.
We are sure that this project will increase interest in our region and open up new prospects for the development of business tourism in the Rostov Region.

University DSTU championship according to WORLDSKILLS standards

The Reina-Tour group of companies became a partner of the regional WorldSkills standards championship.
In 2019 the international non-profit movement WorldSkills International which aims at improving the standards of training holds the world championship of professional skill in Russia. In order to take part in it young professionals must pass the regional and national stages.
One of the regional stages is the University championship, held in DSTU from the 14th to 17th of May.
More than 80 students compete in knowledge on five competencies.
In course of preparation for the competition tasks on "Tourism" students visited the office of "Reina-Tour NTV", where they got acquainted with the work of managers, specialized software and were able to ask their questions to professionals.
On the basis of the hotel "Don Quixote", the contestants of the direction "Administration of the hotel" studied the rooms and the interaction of different departments, tried to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.
The company's specialists were also included in the group of independent experts that will determine the winners.

International tourism exchange ITB Berlin 2019

ITB Berlin is an international tourist exchange, which is held annually in the German capital on the territory of the Messe Berlin exhibition complex.
In 2019, the exhibition was held from the 6th to 10th of March for the 53rd time, more than 10,000 exhibitors from 185 countries presented their tourism opportunities for 115,000 visitors.
Reina tour has annually been taking part in this Grand event for many years!
After all, this is not only one of the best sites for the presentation of the Don region at the international level, but also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the tourist potential of other countries, to feel their culture and traditions.

International MITT 2019 exhibition in Moscow

From the 12th to 14th of March Moscow hosted the international tourism exhibition MITT-2019. It was attended by more than 1 800 companies from 54 countries and 52 regions of Russia.
This year the Don region was presented for the first time by two stands: Rostov Oblast and Rostov-on-Don, where the company "Reina-Tur NTV" presented its services.
There were announced and presented the main tourist events and a wide range of excursion programs in the region. One of the outstanding projects is the interregional route "Golden ring of the Bosporus Kingdom" around Krasnodar Region, Crimea and Rostov Oblast, implemented by joint forces of these regions.
Once again, in the course of the exhibition work with colleagues, we were ensured that tours around Rostov Oblast each year were becoming increasingly popular. Visitors are interested in Donskoy flavor, local cuisine, history of the Cossacks, rest on the Don.


Lufthansa City Center Top Performer 2018

The global international network Lufthansa City Center evaluated our work in 2018 and presented certificate to the company "Reina-Tour", indicating the highest level of quality of service.

Annual Lufthansa City Center 2018 summit

Reina-Tour Company took part in the First Global Incoming Network day, an annual summit of the members of the Lufthansa City Center in Frankfurt on the 23rd and 24th of October.
Vera Nechepaeva represented our Rostov offices, and Irina Tretyachenko was a Krasnodar representative.
The LCC summit involves not only a business program and the establishment of international relations, but also knowing the culture and traditions of different countries participating in the network.


We have received more than 1300 foreign guests from 14 countries of the world.
In the hotels of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar we have booked 3 200 nights our guests have lived in 14 hotels.
Total number of guides, guide-interpreters, attendant person in our company was 50 people .
We used 6 world languages .
Total time with our clients was more than 650 hours.

Vera Nechepaeva became a member of the Advisory Board

We hasten to share our world achievement!

Vera Nechepaeva, a representative of the Reina Tour NTV Company in Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI), became a member of the Advisory Board of the Eastern Europe for 2018-2020.
The Advisory Board is elected by the participants of the LCC network from all over the world. It consists of 12 people, they reflect and represent the ideas and desires of the LCC partners of their individual regions.
LCC members can always contact their representative on emerging issues or make an idea for improving the network performance.

Top performer Lufthana City Center

The global international network Lufthansa City Center evaluated our work in 2017 and presented to the Reina-Tour the company a certificate for the highest quality of service. Thanks, partners and colleagues, this is our common achievement!