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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 863 / 2950914
+7 863 / 2950914

B. Sadovaya Street 126,
344006 Rostov-on-Don

Welcome to Rostov-on-Don!

Sightseeing tour around the South capital

Rostov-on-Don has a unique, unparalleled look because of its rich historical and cultural ancestry. Location on the right bank of the kindly river Don and a crossroad of trade routes determined Rostov’s merchant destiny, motley traditions and its inhabitants’ free spirit. Today it is a capital of South Russia, its commercial, educational and scientific center, very modern and dynamic city. And still, as in the XIX century, your eye is caught by the old houses on Bolshaya Sadovaya street, golden cathedral domes, market rich with food.

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Taganrog - The Town by the Sea

A. Chekhov's hometown, which could have been the capital of the young Empire

Taganrog is the second largest locality of Rostov Region. It is situated on the shore of the Sea of Azov in 70 km from Rostov-on-Don. It is the cradle of the Russian Navy and one of the most important ports in the XIX century. Taganrog is the native place of the great writer Anton Chekhov. In this seaside town he spent his childhood and youth, which shaped him as a human being. The town has more than 20 monuments and remarkable places, connected with the writer’s name.

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Starocherkasskaya - The Don's Pearl

Alive history of Cossackship

Starocherkasskaya is a cossack village (stanitsa). It is well known as a Cossack capital and Napoleonic general Matvei Platov’s birthplace. It was often called the Don Venice by the local inhabitants and people from the other parts of Russia. The tourists will have a chance to visit famous Host Resurrection Cathedral with its unique iconostasis, Maidan - the main square and the Atamans' mansion.

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Novocherkassk - The Cossack Capital

5-hour excursion will show you the capital of the Don Cossack Host

The last Cossack capital Novocherkassk was founded in 1805 by Ataman Matvey Platov, the Napoleonic Wars hero. It was built in accordance with the best European town-planning examples with spacious squares, wide avenues and green boulevards.

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Azov - The Ancient and the Modern

One of the main places of Cossack glory

Azov is situated in the south-western part of Rostov Region, on the left shore of the river Don in 36 km from Rostov-on-Don. It is a green, compact and comfy town with the industrial area moved out of residential districts. In the old part of the town the XVIII century fortress ramparts, gate and moat remain standing. This is where the vicious battles against the Ottoman Empire took place.

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Tanais - The Mystery of the Ancient Town

Greek colony, Genovese trading post, Turkish fortress - all of this is about Tanais

The largest in Russia archaeological museum-reserve ‘Tanais’ is situated in 35 km from Rostov-on-Don. Its 3000 ha territory hosts the ensemble of the monuments of history and culture of different ages and nations from the Paleolithic age up to the XIX century.

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Aksay - The Old Cossack Stanitsa

The tourists will visit the XIX century post office, see a great weaponry collection and admire the Don panorama

This settlement was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1570. It used to be situated near the frontier and was constantly raided by the Turks, the Tatars and the Nogais, but its convenient location on the crossroad leading to Starocherkasskaya kept bringing people here.

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