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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +7 863 / 2950914
+7 863 / 2950914

B. Sadovaya Street 126,
344006 Rostov-on-Don

Russia is a large multinational country with the age long history. Dishes of the traditional cuisine vary in their ingredients and flavor depending on the region, but culinary preferences of the southern settlers were created under the influence of Ukraine and the Caucasian region.
It is hard to imagine Don region cuisine without spiced char grilled «shashlik», a famous rich fish soup «ukha» and a traditional cold soup «okroshka». It is the only place to taste the most delicious fish cooked in many different ways: fried, baked, salted, smoke-dried and smoke-cured, and of course our local delicacy – boiled crawfish. You will enjoy potato cutlets “draniki”, lard salted according to the secret recipe, and homemade pickles – juicy tomatoes, and cucumbers, and of course mushrooms.
We will be glad to recommend the best restaurants with the national Russian, Caucasian and Ukrainian cuisine as well as traditional Italian, German, Mexican and Asian restaurants.

For more information regarding the gastronomic variety of the Rostov region please contact our managers:
Tel.: +7 (863) 291-89-23